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    I’m now interested. How to start?

    If you’re now interested want to proceed further, please fill our simple enquiry form. One of our Business Development Managers will get back to you with in one working day.

    How do you assure Quality of Services?

    We follow best quality standards and provide regular trainings to our outsource team to keep quality of service.

    Monthly revision meetings will be conducted by ‘Account Managers’ with the clients to revise the progression and understand the development needs.

    Is their any fixed contract periods I need to sign? How long?

    To give our customers with peace of mind, we only ask three months notice without any contract period.

    If you want to cancel the service any time, you just need to give written notice three months in advance.

    What if I’m not satisfied after 7 days free trail?

    If you’re not satisfied with our service after 7 days free trail, you can don’t need to proceed any further. And you don’t have any obligation further.

    What is 7 days free trail and how it works?

    To provide confidence to our new customers, we’re giving 7 days free trail option.

    Once we understood your process and got all necessary trainings, we provide you free trail with outsource team size of your choice without any obligation. If you’re happy upon completion of 7 days free trail, you can continue taking services from us

    This 7 days free trail will give you peace of mind without any commitment

    Do I need to pay any extra taxes or charges on top of your charges?

    As you will be paying directly to our Offshore Development Office, you will not be paying any VAT, taxes or GST etc. Their won’t be any hidden costs except your monthly charge agreed.

    What do you charge? Can you give me your price list?

    We provide different Outsourcing services from call support services to engineering services,  Web development service to Software Development services.

    Our prices always depends on your requirement and skill set of team you looking for. So it is not possible to provide any price list to you.

    But we provide free no obligation quote depends on your requirement.

    I have very complex business? Can Outsource team will coupe up?

    Yes, we’re confident of handling complex business process. With vast experience in the industry, we have great expertise to handle any business process.

    But as you new customer to get confidence on us, you can take advantage of our 7 days free trail.

    Will my Outsource team work for someone else?

    No. They will not work on any of the process. They will be working dedicated for you.

    If I got a complaint about any of my Outsource team member, whom should I contact?

    Every process will have a ‘Process Team Leader’ who is external from your process. Most of the times they are available to you. So you can complaint to them to take immediate action.

    Also you will allocated with an ‘Account Manager’ as soon as your process begins after free trail. You can also complaint to him depends on seriousness of complaint.

    Can I choose my Outsource team myself?

    Yes, you can interview the outsource team prior to start of your work and confirm your acceptance. We also do robust recruitment process to get best staff. So you can trust us.

    Does the team annual leaves interrupts my work? Do you charge me for the Annual leave period while my staff is away?

    Most of our Outsource team take annual leave not more than 7 days in one time. So we try to arrange replacement during their annual leaves to reduce the interruption to your process.
    If a any team member is on leave more than 2 days in a month and if we fail to provide temporary replacement, we deduct the amount from monthly charges.

    What about annual leaves to the outsource team? Do I need to pay salary for their annual leave?

    You have to compensate only one casual leave per month as per the law. They usually get 28 days annual leave per year which we pay them.

    What is the usual working hours they will work for me?

    Outsource team will work 40 hours per week. You can choose the time they need to work for you and days as well.

    So you don’t have to worried about Saturdays or Sundays. Your outsource team will look after your operations and work any time as you want.

    What if any of my outsource team member get ill or resign from job?

    It is common that sometimes staff get ill. Process Team Leaders will inform you soon after they get to know about a staff sickness.

    If someone resign, we will try to give you replacement in a reasonable time. In some cases, we provide replacement in just one day.

    What kind of tasks my virtual assistants can do for me?

    Virtual assistant usually get trained in all aspects of business management. They will work assist you with telephone calls, appointment bookings, calender management, emails, chat, social media, customer services, debt follow ups, information collection, data management, new letters and many other business related works.

    Even if you want to book a table in a Restaurant or want some directions while driving, your virtual assist is their to help you.

    I’m looking for one virtual assistant. Do you provide them?

    Yes, we provide virtual assistant if you want just one or more.

    Who will provide the trainings to Outsource team about my business process?

    You’re the best person to provide training to the outsource team. You have to provide necessary trainings, information and reading materials to understand your business process to all outsource team members.

    Alternatively, you can provide training to ‘Process Team Leader’ only. He will train all other team members accordingly.

    All our Outsource team member will get regular internal trainings in various aspects like Leadership & Management, Time keeping, Change Management, Record keeping, Health & Safety, Confidentiality and all other necessary trainings.

    How do I communicate with my Outsource team? And How often I can communicate?

    You can communicate with your outsource through telephone, email, chat and skype. They work as your “Colleagues next cabin”. So you can communicate with them any number of times in a day. They are your team and you have complete control over them.

    My clients are in USA and they will ring on only USA number. How you assist with it?

    We can provide telephone numbers from USA, UK, Australia, Canada and another 60 different countries around the world for $15 per month. You can advertise those numbers to your clients and they will never get to know that it is answered from offshore.

    Alternatively, you can manually divert your existing numbers to the numbers we give you. So all calls will be diverted and answered by Outsource team. By doing it, you can keep advertise your numbers to clients.

    Iím looking for Inbound call support 24/7, 7 days a week? What technologies you got?

    We operate 24/7, 7 days weeks model; so we can certainly help you. We use latest MPLS telephone lines, 24mbps dedicated band width, Asterisk IP PBX, Auto Dailers and security monitoring software.

    All our calls both incoming and outgoing will be recorded and can be provided to clients.

    I’m looking for Outbound calling support? How do you charge?

    When taking up Outbound only process, we’re very selective. We try to understand the process first and then we can provide you with best quote.

    I’m small business and I want to try with one person only. Can I do it?

    Presently we’re serving 28 business process from USA, UK and Australia. Most of our clients started with one staff member in the beginning and some of clients are hiring 25 team members at present. So we welcome every customer, even if you want only one person.

    Is my data & information secure by Outsourcing my business process?

    Fin BPO has latest technologies and highly secured work environment with 24/7 monitoring. So your data and information is secured. Moreover, we take Police Clearance Certificates from all our staff for extra security.

    All our outsource team got trainings on Confidentiality

    I’m not AT&T or HSBC; I’m a small business. Is outsourcing really suits me?

    Yes, outsourcing is suitable for small, medium and large enterprises. Small & Medium businesses get more benefit by outsourcing its business processes.

    What is BPO stands for?

    Business Process Outsourcing. It is process of outsourcing a part of business.

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Tasks we're doing now
  • Outbound Calling for Broadband Sales Campaign5 Team Members working
  • Inbound Call Processing for an Australian College2 Team Members Working
  • Inbound Call Processing for an USA Web Directory3 Team Members Working
  • Chat Support & Email Support for a UK Web Business Company 1 Team Member Working
  • Inbound & Outbound Call Support for a UK Insurance Broker3 Team Members Working
  • Inbound, Email & Chat Support for USA Health Products Seller1 Team Member Working
  • Engineering Drawings for USA Water Treatment Plant Contractor4 Team Members Working
  • Engineering Drawings for USA Water Treatment Plant Contractor4 Team Members Working
  • SEO Services for a Tour Operator in UK2 Team Members Working
  • SEO Services for an Online Retailer in Australia1 Team Member Working
  • SEO Services for an Online English Training Website from UK2 Team Members Working
  • Medical Transcription for an Hospital in USA4 Team Members Working
  • Data Entry for an Online Book Seller in USA3 Team Members Working
  • Virtual Assistant for an online entrepreneur from Ireland1 Team Member Working
  • Virtual Assistant for an Accountant from USA1 Team Member Working
  • Virtual Assistant for an Nursing Homes Consultant from Australia1 Team Member Working
  • Virtual Assistant for an Real Estate Company from USA1 Team Member Working
  • Virtual Assistant for an IT Consultant from Singapore1 Team Member Working
  • Online Marketing for a Yoga Training Website from UK1 Team Member Working
  • Book keeping for a Public House from UK1 Team Member Working
  • Book keeping for a Nursing Home from UK1 Team Member Working
  • Web Development for a consultant from USA3 Team Members Working
  • Web Development for a College from Australia2 Team Members Working
  • Software Development for an IT company from UK 5 Team Members Working
  • Technical Support for a Software Company from UK2 Team Members Working
  • Complete Back Office Management for a Tour Operator from UK4 Team Members Working

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